Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reasons to be obsessed with October

The barrel cactus flowers have turned to fruits. Some of them still green, but most taking on a yellow tone.
The Desert Paradise has beautiful seed pods waving against the blue blue sky.
Just outside the back door is a new arbor/seating bench my son build for me recently. It has grape vines growing up the side that attaches to the back of my home, and a bench built into the other side. The Orange tree is peeking around the corner, offering some fruit that is just starting to turn orange in response to the increasing cold temps at night.

I've got baskets of mint and other herbs hanging from the arbor/bench.

The little rescued Pomegranate only had one fruit make it to maturity but isn't it a beauty?

I picked a big bowl of limes to find time to make my Key Lime Endeavor. Yum!

The snaky cactus is growing amazingly fast. The ends of the longest are past the ground. I can't keep finding higher places to put this pot. Maybe the roof? :)

My little Skyflower tree is just beautiful. It is still putting out the prettiest cinnamon scented flowers, but now there are tiny yellow fruits as well. This plant is also called "golden dew drop" because of the little fruits that form in the fall.

My little Baja Fairy Duster is always in of my favorite care-free plants.
And the peach dahlia blooms and blooms and blooms!

I planted this little barrel cactus from a pot to its permanent home near a prickly pear in the big front area. This little guy had never bloomed but look what I found today. Are these buds?

I've more than babied my little Hydrangea, but it has so been worth the effort. The flowers which turned green after the initial deep pink, now have a delicious rosy color for Fall.

The Blue Plumbago I planted this summer is doing well...I just love this color blue.

Pink rose buds in the morning light.

The pink Coral is also showing some fall changes...little ivory colored flowers with pink edges...just delightful!

Look who else is watching over my desert garden? Most specifically watching over the bird feeding side of the house. It is the Hawk...waiting for her next meal. Isn't she/he a beauty? Click to see the details.

There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir: We must rise and follow her, When from every hill of flame She calls, and calls each vagabond by name.
-William Bliss Carman


Deborah Godin said...

What a wonderful tumble of seasons you have (at least from my northern perspective)...rosebuds along side jaunty seed pods, fresh flowers and ripening fruit together - you live in a truly remarkable area!

PAK ART said...

The arbor and bench your son built are beautiful. How wonderful to have talented kids! (mine fixes our computer for us). Your area is so beautiful - I love it.