Friday, March 5, 2010

Hyacinths and Passion Flowers once again

The Hyacinths are in full bloom for the 3rd year.  They are not as full as previous years, but still beautiful.

The first passion flower of spring was opening yesterday. Heaven outside my office window!

“Oh, cut me reeds to blow upon, Or gather me a star, but leave the sultry passion-flowers growing where they are. I fear their somber yellow deeps, their whirling fringe of black, and he who gives a passion-flower always asks it back.”
-Grace Hazard Conkling


NellJean said...

Interesting, the difference in what blooms where, and when. We have hyacinths open with more cultivars to come later, but passionflower waits for warmer nights.

Denise said...

Love your hyacinths and those passionflowers are gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

Desert Swamp Dweller said...

They're beautiful. I need to get a passionflower vine.