Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lost to a flower again

That first passion flower finally opened a day and a half after I caught it starting.  I couldn't help but be captivated with the progress.

Happy Saturday!!!


Lucy Corrander said...

They are lovely, these flowers. I don't know how they behave where you live but, round here, they get rampant, flow over walls and pop up all over a garden once they are invited in - which means not many people like to grow them.

They look great when they fruit too.


Claude said...

I love these things... My neighbor isn't terribly fond of them popping up in the middle of her yard, but that's her problem...

Mine haven't done a darned thing yet, but they're starting to show some green.

PAK ART said...

That is a very unusuallooking flower. I would love to have a garden of big, gaudy, interesting flowers to look at.