Thursday, April 1, 2010

April....anticipating blooms to come.

I had some nice comments on my previous post of the Silver Torch cactus so I wanted to show them again and also let you know that this is actually the full open bloom.  Pretty strange looking!

Here are the three that I have in their new home in the ground, instead of in pots.

And in anticipation of all the flowers to come, here are some of my cactus. Can you spot the teeny tiny buds starting to form? Some are easier than others but I think all of these pictures have some sign of a flower coming.  Soon my ugly duckling cacti will have their once a year swan moment. I can't wait!

Happy April!!!!


keewee said...

Cacti have such incredible blooms. I always wanted to visit the desert when it was in bloom, but every time I was In AZ it was at the wrong time.

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

All the rain this winter has brought lots of cactus flowers to me too. It is very exciting watching them grow until they open.