Monday, September 6, 2010

Summers best of weather...

September brings a little cooler weather and the promise of better gardening soon.  The monsoon is almost over and we actually got a little rain the last couple weeks.  The yard has attained a "lush" look it doesn't have other times of the year, thanks to the weeds.  Of course theres a few things besides weeds growing in my garden.    
                                       This little cactus has been blooming non-stop all summer!
I almost missed this bloom. The pot was tucked in a corner and had already bloomed once without me noticing.
This little cactus has bloomed many times but this is the first time I've caught an open flower in a picture. They seem to open and close  up quickly.
The giant sunflower blooms and blooms...
A shot of the whole plant. It must be 8 foot tall.
Rain Lilies that bloomed in spite of  my forgetting they  were planted in this bed that has been overtaken by weeds due to the recent rains.
What is that hiding in the garden? A Watermelon!!!!
And twin pomegranates developing nicely.
The Morning Glory vine- all vine and no blooms.
My Shrimp plant has really responded to recent rains. Lots of new growth and new flowers.
I just love my little Baja Fairy Duster- it always has a bloom or two.
Lovely Lantana
This little cactus has one bloom starting and an interesting green fruit from a previous bloom.
This beautiful vine doesn't start to bloom till late August. I see it planted near trees locally and suddenly the trees are wreathed in pink flowers. It is gorgeous. The one I have planted by the fence out front is doing pretty well.
Lots of little buds poking up in my Owl cactus.
More lovely lantana.
Part of the succulent garden under the olive tree.
And Moon Flowers To Be!!!
3 Kinds of Prickly Pear in a pot- this came from the desert near my  job.
Sky Flowers- dainty, delicate and loving the rain.
Baby cactus growing up from my butchered cactus. I've waited over a year to see if anything would rise out of the ashes of this old piece of cactus that I lopped off after a fellow blogger suggested it.  At last!!! And the "twins" have a baby too!
And last a fat caterpillar feasting away on one of my Passion is a battle that wages on every day. Me vs the caterpillars...this week they are winning.
"By all these lovely tokens, Septmber days are here
                                     With summer's best of weather, And autumn's best of cheer."

                                                                   - Author Unknown


Bangchik said...

8 foot tall sunflower is really a giant. Mine so far, the tallest is around 6 feet. Lovely blooms you have there. ~bangchik

One said...

Hi! I love to see cactus flowering which is a rather rare sight till now...Now I know I can view them in your blog. Thank you for connecting via Onenezz.

Deb said...

beautiful flowers....

Julie said...

All lovely!!! Will the caterpillars on the passionvine be Swallowtails??? How wonderful!!!

AaronVFT said...

WOW!!! I'm in love with your sunflowers and cactus!! Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Oh my goodness, so much to share! Love all the pictures and get to see what is going on at your house. I am still stuck in my chair with messed up back. Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Beautiful the cactus.