Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trouble in Paradise...

My little Mescal Bean trees are growing quickly these days, with the tallest over 4 foot. However as I wandered the yard this weekend taking note of the plants, I discovered one of the little trees was infested with caterpillars-- at least the very top most leaves were covered with these little buggers.
A little research identified them as Genista Caterpillars- and turns out they love these trees. I lopped off the affected parts, and hopefully that takes care of them. Only one tree had any evidence of them, but I will certainly keep close watch on them all now. Yuck!

                    The picture shows the branches I lopped off- lots of little worms feasting away! Click for a better view of the little guys.


One said...

Caterpillars, caterpillars everywhere... Hope your passion vine is doing better now.

antigonum cajan said...

As an horticultural creative critic, me garden is thought as part of biodiversity.

The garden means nothing to me, any garden in that sense.

Flora and Fauna is all that matters, particularly in the URBAN context.

Now this is the question. Why the intolerance against caterpillars?

Aren't they supossed to become butterflies and moths?

The damage to plants, bushes, trees is just aesthetic or not?

Another thing is despicable snails and slugs, a different story. Good only for geese.

Dee said...

Lots of caterpillars get to live in my yard, but there must be a balance especially with young plants. These are little trees- the worms will destroy them if left unchecked. I have 3 passion vines- this year one went to the caterpillars (completely stripped the vine of all greenery), and the other two are mine. :)

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog. :) Im your newest follower. . How long have you been focused on photography for?

Toyin O. said...

Great blog;caterpillars are not fun.