Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blooms for Thanksgiving

This little cactus bloomed again this year, for Thanksgiving week, just as it did last year.  I'm not sure of the variety. I thought it was a Ferocactus latispinus but someone who knows much more than I suggested it might be Biznaga de Dulce or Ferocactus macrodiscus.  I don't really me it is my Thanksgiving of the few cactus that bloom for me this time of year, and one of my favorite blooms.

The little guy has 5 buds this year, and even the recent hard freeze we had here in Tucson, doesn't seem to have bothered it.  I like that in a plant!


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Sooo pretty! I love the magenta. Besides the "true" holiday cactus, the one cactus I have in bloom are my thimble cactus, and their blooms aren't nearly as startling and magnificent as yours.

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

Hi Dee,
Your striking cactus is
Devil's Tongue (Ferocactus latispinis) and it is hardy to 15° F. It always blooms in winter with beautiful lavender flowers. It can take full sun or part shade here and can be planted in the landscape. It is called "Devil's tongue" for the obvious much wider thorn that grows in the center of each thorn grouping. I love it and want one for my front yard.

Julie said...

What a beautiful bloomer! I am looking at your cactus, and I agree that there are some differences from the Ferocactus latispinus I have here (of course, they could be climate differences too)...I am like you...not really caring so much about the name...just they joy it brings!!

Denise said...

It's beautiful! Cactus can produce some of the most amazing flowers. thanks for sharing them.

Ramona said...

My brother once had this cactus plant that he took care for sometime. It was very lovely when it bore flowers just like this.

Fickle Prickles said...

Wow - what a amazing colour!
Here in Western Australia, we have very strict quarantine laws and are unable to import many varieties of cacti into the state. BUT I just looked at the quarantine list and we can get these guys in! Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)