Thursday, November 13, 2008

Flowers wearing their Fall colors and a Curved Billed Thrasher claims the Cholla

As I walk through my garden this November I am just captivated by the deeper colors the flowers have with the colder weather. The blooms also last longer, and dry in vivid colors on the vine. They are just gorgeous-so I captured pictures of some of them.

This one is a Lavender Lady bloom, that stayed for a few days and then dried in this graceful pose.

The pink Hibiscus blooms are smaller, and a deep deep pink color now. This plant has bloomed more now that the weather is cooler than it did all summer. The blooms dry to a beautiful maroon- I am going to try and pick them and see if they will last dried.

The orange Hibiscus bloomed quite a bit all summer, and the flowers now are much smaller. The color though has completely changed from a gorgeous bright tangerine to an almost blood red orange. They dry a deep orange and Burgundy.

When I wrote last Sunday's post I had thought that the owner of the bird nests in the Cholla was the Cactus Wren who was calling out from the Cholla a few days earlier. However I've since met the real owner of the big nest inside the Cholla- a Curve billed Thrasher, with bright orange eyes and a curved bill. I caught her out searching for food and she made a dash for home. It was the big nest in the center of the big Cholla. She seemed right at home there, and very defensive about me so I didn't get close. What a beautiful bird though.

The Sunflower that sprouted from leftover bird seed, has opened at last. It is just beautiful.

And a couple of pictures of the bird area.

I was going to plant these pansies in this pot the other day, when the pot broke on me. I planted them anyway, in what was left of the pot, and they seem to be fine. They are so pretty, and remind me of home!

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i beati said...

The bird frmed like that gorgeous I love the birder natural Sandy keep us updated with pics of it as it flourishes sandy

Tricia said...

I also enjoy this time of year - at least looking at how the plants change with the cooler weather although I, personally, could do without the cold and snow! LOL Your photos are lovely. I have a hibiscus that I keep outdoors in the summer and bring inside during winter. Right now it's in the kitchen and covered in coral colored blooms.

Great to see wildlife in the garden isn't it? Too bad the bird won't let you get too close.

Aiyana said...
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Aiyana said...

I've noticed how the colors change on various cacti, and the Orange Jubilee over the seasons. I've decided the roses change colors because of fertilizer and soil amendments, but a part of it could be the weather. I'm surprised to see the beautiful late sunflower. Mine died out months ago!

low cost insurance said...

All great pics. I especially like the Sun Flower pics. Friends of our used to plant tons in their yard, until the moved. Everyone in the area loved the sight.

MrBrownThumb said...

What a cool bird. I usually only get some small common brown bird in my garden.

Aiyana said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aiyana said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!